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Short ‘n Sweet has adopted out over 4,200 dogs! We adopted out 49 animals in 2017.

What We Do

Short ‘n Sweet Dog Rescue takes in dogs that are in shelters or heading towards shelters due to their home situation changing. All dogs taken in are spayed, neutered and given vaccines and any medical attention they need. We strive to match them up with caring families that will love them for their entire natural lives.

All dogs are spayed or neutered! We discourage casual breeding of dogs . . . even purebred dogs! If you question this opinion, please go to and browse through the thousands of homeless dogs needing a place to live.

Although our desire is to place as many dogs as possible, all homes must be qualified to take care of the dogs they adopt. For this reason, all homes are screened. There are a few guidelines that almost all rescue groups use to determine if an individual is a good candidate for adoption. By coming to a dog rescue site you have already passed the first qualification! You CARE about saving a dog that needs you! But, caring isn’t enough. You must have a home that is “dog friendly“. Ask yourself the following: Is there anything in my home that could harm a dog? Any exposed electrical cords? Any poisonous houseplants? Are household chemicals on open low shelves? Are there other pets that are aggressive? Do your young children understand to be “gentle”? Do you have a securely fenced yard? If not, are you willing to walk the dog on a leash several times every day? You might also check to see if a dog can hurt your home! All dogs occasionally have “accidents”, even well trained dogs. Can you deal with this? Many dogs (especially younger dogs) chew belongings, or scratch couches. Most dogs shed leaving dog hair on your furniture, carpets & clothes . . . are you ok with this? Are the other members of the household ok with this? All dogs bark, whine & howl on occasion. Can you deal with this? Can your neighbors? And lastly, you must have the TIME for a dog! Dogs are like perpetual children. They need love, discipline, love, exercise, love, training, love, medical care and more LOVE! Please browse about our site. We would love to hear your suggestions or comments. Feel free to email us!


Debby Sweet
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Debby Sweet


Debby is a member of the Rescue Alliance of Hairless & Other Breeds inc. 501(c)3 Rescue Alliance is a non-profit organization. You can make donations to Rescue Alliance & specify that they be applied to Short ‘n Sweet & you will receive a tax donation receipt for tax purposes. 90% of your donation will go directly to caring for the fosters at Short ‘n Sweet. Since we composed primarily of volunteers, we have a very low percentage of the donations needing to go to administrative purposes.

We want to thank some special companies and businesses that have helped us tremendously!