Our Adoption Process

Once you are sure you are ready for a new family member, email us for our Adoption Application.
It is Short ‘N Simple to fill out.  We will ask for at least 2 references that have been to your home.

Once your application has been screened, we will call you or email you to arrange a visit with your prospective new family member.

Our adoption fees will vary some. In most cases, we ask for a donation of at least $200.00. This will cover normal vetting of a dog that comes in healthy We Spay or neuter which costs us $90 – $125. Plus we vaccinate DA2PP & Rabies, AND we microchip & register that chip to the new owner!

Occasionally we will allow a dog to be adopted for less, (some dogs come into our shelter already spayed or neutered!) occasionally we ask for more.

Puppies will normally require a $250.00 donation. They are much more labor intensive & expensive to keep here.

We only try to keep on top of our actual expenses…
we do not currently have any paid workers!

Adoption Requirements

Our requirements are simple, you must be at least 18 as we do have a contract that must be signed & legally we cannot enter into a contract with someone under 18 years of age.

We will not adopt to anyone that has been convicted of Animal abuse…please don’t ask us to!

If you rent, you must have landlord approval to add a pet to your home. Don’t think you can “sneak” in a dog…the dog doesn’t know it is supposed to be hidden, it will give it’s self away!

You must be willing to come to Templeton to come & meet your dog & us. We will not normally ship our dogs…I won’t say we “never” ship, but it is unlikely that we will.

``Please plan on spending between 30 minutes and an hour getting to know your new ``child`` and letting us get to know you!``

You must be willing to agree to the following terms found on our contract!

NOTE: this is NOT our adoption application – you must email us to ask for an adoption application

_____ 1. If for any reason you are unable to keep this dog, you will notify Short n Sweet Dog Rescue, which will work with you in finding an appropriate home for this dog. If the dog is found to be unsatisfactory for any reason, medical or behavioral within the first 10 days following the adoption, the adoption fee less $25 will be refunded.

_____ 2. I agree to notify Short n Sweet Dog Rescue if this dog is lost, or stolen and I will try to locate the dog.

_____ 3. To NEVER take this dog to an animal shelter, pound or humane society.

_____ 4. To NEVER allow this dog to be used in animal research.

_____ 5. To treat this dog as a family pet, with affection, kindness and not subject this dog to abuse or cruelty at any time.

_____ 6. To provide regular veterinary care, food, shelter, fresh water and adequate companionship, as determined by your veterinarian.

_____ 7. To license, and place identification on the dog

_____ 8. To notify Short n Sweet Dog Rescue if I move and give the new address and phone number.

_____ 9. Under no circumstance, sell the adopted dog to pet dealers, pet stores, puppy mills

_____ 10. I understand that should a medical condition be discovered in the first 10 days following the adoption date, then I can return the dog and receive a full refund of the adoption fee. I will not be reimbursed for ANY vet fees I incur, even those that lead to this discovery.

_____ 11. I agree that any and all expenses relating to the dog that I incur after I take custody of this dog are my responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to vet fees, supplies, food, grooming, and transportation.

_____ 12. I understand that the rescue does its best to provide healthy dogs for adoption, but they do not provide or imply any guarantee of health. Short n Sweet dog rescue limit to liability is the refund of the adoption fee.