Available Fosters

Dogs currently being fostered by a proud member of Rescue Alliance of
Hairless & Other Breeds, Inc a 501(c) 3 registered non-profit organization.

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Chewbacca came to us scared & unsocial. After months of rehabilitation he and I formed a very strong bond. I kept saying I would re-home him if I found just the right person, but Chewy knew all along that he had found his forever home right here with me on the ranch.

He is with me most of the day & loves to jump up on the Icelandic ponies and go for a ride. He & I have been doing agility for several months & he is really, really good at it!

Darren, Dynomite & Gyro (left to right above) have been here for 2 years or more & need a home! They are all males and are in the 4 -5 year range. They are NOT housetrained & are in the leg-lifting habit, so they might be best as an outdoor dog. All of them need some serious grooming as we just cut out mats & they are pretty shaggy and scruffy at the moment. All 3 are very sweet dogs & would love to go on walks, play with the kids and bark at intruders! For the right home, their adoption fees will be greatly reduced. We want to get some of our harder to adopt, long time fosters OUT of the kennels and INTO homes! All 3 will chase cats, but get along great with other dogs.

Daisy is doing her part to help our Dogs! Daisy was also an older dog that found a good home thanks to rescue. Now she is helping other senior dogs with her good example! Please click on Daisy’s picture to go to our donation page. Even a small donation of $5 will help defray medical costs associated with many of the dogs we take in.

For vetting, we need cash donations. If you would like to send a cash donation, you can use our paypal account, donations@rescuealliance.org PLEASE put “ShortnSweet rescue donation” in the comments section. We will send you a thank you receipt with the amount donated so you can take the donation off of your taxes.

Thank you for helping!