Duke's Antics

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About “The Duke”

The Duke of Merle is my “main man”. He is a blue merle chihuahua. He is an extremely smart fellow and changed my mind about the chihuahua as a breed. I always considered them “lap pets”, which they are, but they can be so much more!

Duke has learned numerous tricks as well as all standard obedience commands. He also does agility, not quite with the speed and flair of a border collie, but plenty well enough to keep me on my toes!

Duke is also the first dog to greet a new foster & make him or her feel at home. He cheerfully accepts all new dogs (and cats) into his home.

He is extremely photogenic & doesn’t mind getting himself into all sorts of situations for the camera.

I hope you enjoy his pages.

Duke at home playing around & also getting serious

Duke & Puggle

The Paper

The Hat

Duke playing with Boo

Lil' Dude gets more than he bargained for