Rescue Alliance of Hairless & Other Breeds

Debby Sweet, Founder of Short ‘n Sweet Dog Rescue is also the President of Rescue Alliance of Hairless & Other Breeds

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to assist and support Animal Companion Rescuers, who strive to help animals who are currently in poor situations, through education, foster care when necessary, and permanant placement in homes where they will receive love, good nutrition and good living conditions.


Our members are independant rescuers that have banded together. We offer each other support, and the extended resources gained by having members coast to coast.

We help & encourage each other in the sometimes difficult and heartbreaking work of trying to help this nations “throw away” animals.

Each person is an independant rescue, yet we are connected by our common bond, our love of animals & our desire to help them find the love they are so entitled to.

The above pictures of JC show just what a difference a few months of good care can make in the life of a dog…. JC is still living with us, he is our miracle boy & we couldn’t adopt him out, we love him too much!

IF you are interested in becoming a foster family, or if you do rescue now, and would like to be part of our organization, please email us!