Short N Sweet Ranch
Templeton, California
Hi!  Welcome to the new home page for
the Short N Sweet Ranch!

At the Short N Sweet Ranch, we believe that people should relate
to horses in a positive, caring way.  This positive, caring approach,
combined with good horse sense & reasonable limits, creates
happy  secure horses that want
to work for us.  

We chose the Icelandic Breed for their calm steady temperment, their
genuine desire to be with people & their small but sturdy physiques!

Our Icys can carry a 200 pound man, yet are gentle enough for a 5 year old to
learn on.  

Please feel free to browse around our site and contact us for more

At the Short N Sweet Ranch you can learn to ride, solve problems or re-connect
with the horse you have now,  or maybe even purchase one of our Short N Sweet
Like most gaited horses, Icelandics need no special tack to hold their gait.

In this picture a young beginning rider is riding Kanida (Bunny) at a slow
tolt.  Note that she is riding bareback with only a halter!

At Short N Sweet, our lessons are mostly taught bareback so students
learn to follow the movements of the horse.

We also use halters for beginning riders as we believe bits are used for
refinement which is an advanced concept.
Triton is a perfect example of how sweet Icelandic horses can be when trained with loving kindness &

Triton has been taught to lie down on command as well as several other tricks.  In this picture he has
been asked to lie down so a brand new rider can sit on a horse for the first time secure in the knowledge
that it won't hurt if she falls off!  You can't get much lower to the ground than this!
Kanida & Allysa
Meet our Horses